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An Example

In this example we will create a trivial domain name parser. This is not intended to be the best example of using Kodos, rather, it will focus on using as many features as possible.

First, let us enter our regular expression. This regular expression will use group names to capture the host, domain and the domain class as well as the port number. Additionally, an unnamed group will be captured which seperates the class from the port (for the sole purpose of demonstration).

Fig. Our regular expression

In this case, we would like the make this case-insensitive, so we select the appropriate flags checkbox

Fig. Ignoring case

We will then enter a partial string. We can see from the status bar that this string does not match our regular expression

Fig. Our initial string

Fig. Pattern does not match or there is a syntax error

Finally, we enter our string in it's entirety. Upon doing so, our status will indicate success and our groups will appear in the "groups" list.

Fig. Our final string

Fig. Pattern successfully matches the input string

Fig. The groups list

If we used this regular expression in a python application, we could retrieve the group data as such:
by group number by group name match
re.group(1) re.group('host') www
re.group(2) re.group('domain') supplysolution
re.group(3) re.group('class') com
re.group(4) Not applicable :
re.group(5) re.group('port') 80

The matching string can be seen by viewing the "match" output tab

Fig. The groups list