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The Kodos Main Window

The Kodos main window is divided into several components: Regular Expression, Flags, String and the Output Tab

The regular expression entry box allows you to enter and edit a regular expression.

Fig. The regular expression entry dialog

You can set the python regular expressions flags by selecting from the "flags" chceckboxes

Fig. The flags checkboxes

The string entry dialog allows you to test your regular expression against a string.

Fig. The string entry dialog

If your regular expression contains groupings then a list of the groups and string matches are displayed. If the groups are named (ie. (?P) ) then the group name will also appear.

Fig. The groups output list tab

The Match output tab displays the regex match context in relation to the input string

Fig. The match output tab

If the regex matches the input string more than once, then the "Match Number" spinbox is enabled and allows you to scroll through the range of matched items. As you scroll through the matches, the Match output tab and the Group output tab will be updated to reflect the match number.

Fig. The match number spinbox

Depending on the state of your regular expression and string you will see one of the following displayed on the status bar:

Fig. Waiting for user input

Fig. Pattern does not match or there is a syntax error

Fig. The pattern matches the string