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Set your Web Browser path. You can use the ... button to use a file dialog to help locate your browser. The web browser is necessary to access external links within the Python Regex documentation.

The Editor Font allows you to select a desirable font for use within the Kodos editor

The Email Server is required for sending bug reports to the author. You can submit a bug report under the main Help menu

You can control the number of Recent Files that are displayed at the bottom of the File menu. The default value is 5. To display more or less recent files, set this value accordingly. The recent file list is maintained independtly of this value such that applying a lower value and then a higher value will not purge entries. That is, if you have 10 files and then set this value to 3 and later set this value to 10, the 10 files will be immediately available for selection .

Clicking apply or ok will save your preferences and update the Kodos environment. Clicking cancel will your revert changes. Saved preferences are automatically loaded upon running Kodos. Typically, the preferences are saved to a file named "prefs" in the ".kodos" subdirectory. The ".kodos" subdirectory is usually located under your home directory.