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Running Kodos

Before you can run Kodos you will need to have a recent versions of python (1.5+, 2.1+ recommended), pyqt(2.3+) and sip (dependent on pyqt). This document assumes that your system meets these requirements.


If you have not already done so, download the latest version of Kodos from http://kodos.sourceforge.net

Unpack the Kodos tgz or zip file that you have downloaded. This will create a "kodos" subdirectory which will contain the application and supprt modules.

Running Kodos

cd into the kodos subdirectory:
$ cd kodos

Run the program:
$ python kodos.py
This assumes that you have a python interpreter executable in your PATH and that this is the version that pyqt has been compiled against. It is not uncommon for systems to have multiple versions of python installed so you should ensure that pyqt has been installed for the python interpreter that you invoke. If you have multiple python interpreters and you are unsure which one you have installed pyqt for you can try each one to verify:

$ python
>>>import qt
Traceback ....

$ python2.1
>>>import qt
In the first case above, qt fails to import. In the second case, qt imports successfully.

If you receive an exception traceback upon launching the Kodos application then it is most likely caused by an improper pyqt installation. Make sure that you are using the correct version of python for the version of pyqt that you are using and that the libraries are installed such that python can find them (either by placing them in the python site-packages directory or modifying your PYTHONPATH). If the qt shared objects are in an unusual place you may also have to modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include this directory.

Since there are a variety of reasons why kodos could fail to run considering it's many dependencies (python, qt, pyqt and sip) there is no way I could easily list specific solutions. If you do come across a situation where you are unable to run kodos because of these dependenicies and if you find a way to resolve it I'd appreciate knowing the initial problems and the solution so that I can include it here for the reference of others.