Kodos The Python Regular Expression Debugger



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User Comments

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The folks at LWN say:


Kodos is definitly a utility that will be a welcome addition to a Python programmer's tool kit. It give an immediate productivity boost to those who use Python regular expressions.

Damon Lynch says:


Thanks for making Kodos available - I will find this very useful indeed. I use RE's and python o extract information from web pages, and format it for subsequent use in a weekly e-mail. I do this because there are no XML versions of the pages. As you can imagine, sometimes the RE's get quite complex and difficult to debug (as you probably are aware some organisations produce really poor HTML, even in this day and age). This is where your code will be so useful!


Tom L. says:

Kodos has been such a BIG help over the last month that I just had to follow up and thank you again! I use it almost every day and have definitely gone to the next level with regex. As a result, I've been able to take on and succeed with some fairly complex projects... things that I would have never attempted prior to finding Kodos.

I've added you to the "Thank You" page on my project site. The page it's on is displayed using a wiki engine I developed with Kodos and regex.


I'm also planning to add a link to your site in the project documentation I release with EpikWebsite. It wouldn't exist without the wiki engine... which I would never have written without Kodos! :)


Mick says:


Kodos is a nifty interactive regular expression builder for Python




Kodos was the "Nifty Utility of the Day" (4/17/2003)

Robert Oschler says:


I put off learning regular expressions for a long time.  I find it difficult to mentally interpret the character symbols used by regular expressions.  Kodos changed all that for me and I now look forward to working with them.  I think of Kodos as a visual debugger for regular expressions.  Although written in Python, one of my favorite languages, it is very useful for anyone that has to write regular expressions, in any language. 

  I'd buy it for certain, if it wasn't free.

  In that case, Kodos now costs $100,000,000.00 US.