Kodos The Python Regular Expression Debugger



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Thank you

I'd like to thank for the following people for their contributions to Kodos. Without these fine people, Kodos would never have evolved to be much of anything.
Contributor Contribution
Konstantin Ryabitsev For the updated Kodos logo and icon
Damon Lynch For lots of feedback including bug reports and feature requests (such as the url importing)
Carsten Kruger For the idea to add unicode support to Kodos
Jarek Zgoda For the idea to add translation support to Kodos
Norman Vine For pointing me to the cgi docs at Sourceforge

There are probably a lot of other people that belong here. I compiled this list from looking through my old email folder, so this might not be a complete list. Sorry if I missed you, please email me if this is the case. I don't want to steal any credit for the contributions of others.