Kodos The Python Regular Expression Debugger



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1 Open a previously saved Kodos (.kds) file
2 Save the current entries to a Kodos (.kds) file
3 Cut the selected text
4 Copy the selected text
5 Paste text to cursor location
6 Pause/Unpause regex processing. Kodos will suppress processing the entry until the pause button is de-selected. Pausing the regex processing may be helpful if the updating becomes too slow.
7 Examine the regex. Display the last possible matching portion of the regex in relationship to the input string. This is helpful in locating problems in your regex.
8 Display the regex reference guide. The guide displays the Python regular expression symbols. It also allows you to double-click an entry which will be pasted into the regex entry.
9 Regular expression entry. This is where you enter your regex pattern.
10 Regex flags. Consult the Python regex (available from the Kodos Help menu) for the definitions of each of these flags.
11 The matching string entry. Enter a string to test your regex pattern against.
12 Displays the nth match number of your regex pattern in the text string. You can toggle the match number accordingly. Changing the match number updates the group tab (13) and match tab (14)
13 Displays the matching group information, if applicable. Consult the Python regex manual for more information on groups.
14 Diplays the match (if any) of the regex pattern in relation to the text string. If the match number (12) is greater than 1, then the displayed match is offset by the match number.
15 Displays several variation of using the regex pattern in a Python script/application. This is helpful for Python developers that are new to regex.
16 Match status indicator:
Green - regex matches
Red - regex does not match
Yellow - waiting for input
Pause - processing is paused
17 Any Kodos messages will be displayed here.