Kodos The Python Regular Expression Debugger



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Create and edit a regex pattern.

As you modify the text, pattern or flags the status is updated in real-time. You can change this behavior by pressing the Pause button (in which case the status update is suspended until the Pause button is selected again).

The Match tab displays the portion of the text string that is matched by your pattern.

The Group tab displays the regex groups by number and if applicable by name (eg.  (?P<namedgroup>.*)  )

The Source code tab displays sample Python code for using your pattern in an application.

Use the Examine button to determine the last point that your pattern matched. This is useful for locating problems in your pattern which may not be obvious.

Includes a handy regex reference guide. You can insert a regex expression from the guide into your pattern by double clicking the appropriate item.

The Help menu includes the Python regex documentation.

Save your work and load it for future editing.

The File menu contains your recent Kodos (.kds) files.

The number of recent files displayed and the font can be changed to meet your needs.